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KEL 90

Product Information

  1. The KEL90 is one the largest compactors in our range
  2. Very large charge area
  3. Heavy duty structure designed for heavy industrial use and large bulky items
  4. Heavy duty hoppers can be designed to suit individual needs

Product Specification

Overall length (to container face)4475 mm (176.18 in)
Height (top of charge box)1708 mm (67.25 in)
Clear charge box length1300 mm (51.25 in)
Clear charge box width1648 mm (max limits not set)
Clear box depth938 mm (37 in)
Charge box volume2.2 cu.m (2.85 cu.yd)
CHEM volume per stroke1.9 cu.m (2.5 cu.yd)
CHEM volume per hour104 cu.m (136 cu.yd)
Operating compaction force (normal)27 tonnes (26.5 tons)*
Boost force (pinning)30.8 tonnes (30.3 tons)*
Ram face pressure (normal)2.3 kg/sq.cm (32 psi)*
Dry cycle time65 seconds
Motor rating11 kw (15hp)
Power supply rating (415v 3 phase)25 amp (with loader 32 amp)
Total weight3.5 tonnes (3.57 tons)